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+Beautifully Vain+

~ for the gorgeous ~

+Beautifully VAIN+
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This Community was Designed to judge people based on the members honest opinion. If you have a problem with self-esteem, or a fragile ego.. do NOT join this community. We WILL be honest, and if you dont not like the answers, DEAL WITH IT. If you decide to post rude comments about the community to other people.. or to other communites, we WILL report you to LJ staff, WITHOUT hesitation. FOLLOW THE RULES PEOPLE.

1. You MUST post three or more pictures under an Lj-Cut

2. Try to avoid overly fuzzy or blurry pictures (although we understand that sometimes thats unavoidable), and you MUST show your face. Avoid pictures that have most of your face under hair, you know what i'm talking about.
3. no sexual, racial, and or sexist comments aloud.
do not judge people based on religion, race, sex, or age. You WILL be banned.

4. Do not create drama, their shouldn't be a reason for it. If you have a problem, contact a Mod.

5. 5. do NOT comment on ANYONE'S ELSE'S post unless you have been stamped "accepted".

6. You MUST post your pics to be judged within 24 hours of joining.

7. Fill out the short application survey at the bottom of the page and put it UNDER an lj cut with your pictures.

8. Try to avoid link posts. Like, all of your pictures are within links. It's plain annoying. However if you are having server problems, we will understand if you use direct links


10. Have Fun guys.

you must fill out this survey
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. What do you think about yourself?
5. Music?
6. Where did you hear about this community?
7. How do you feel about racism, sexsim, ect.?
8. When is your birthday?
9. What do you think is your best feature?
10. Overall, do you think you are worthy enough to be apart of this community?

you're mods for this community are.
*newly added* linderface


[_ - 9] ___corrupted_x
[d]distrbd_mistres drainxyou
[e]evil0phelia essenceofadream
[k]karmatic_fusiakissthis_ kissme1lasttime
[l]linderface lefragilfemme lavymia